How to Get Rich Quick

First of all, I’m totally surprised you clicked on this post.  I was sure you would think it was a scam of some sort.  But, perhaps, you know I’ve never tricked you in any of my writing, so maybe you believed I do have some sort of secret.  Or, was the impulse to know just too strong?

Well, I did think, hey I could turn this into a big project and have you pay me $$$ for my idea.  That would be quite a scheme, don’t you think?  But, I decided I would rather earn your trust this year!  So, I’m offering my Get Rich Quick idea for FREE today – AND ALWAYS.

No gimmicks.

No introductory rate.

Just FREE.

Are you ready for this?

I hope so – it’s a big idea!


…here it comes.

Headed your way.

A million dollar idea right here.

In order to get rich by the end of the day, all you have to do…


Cultivate an attitude of  gratitude.


Guide your decisions with the grace of contentment.

Now, you might want to put your two cents in here.  And, I would probably give a penny for your thoughts!

Laugh with me here!  It’s okay.  Laughing makes you richer.  Besides, I’m not in the business of writing or sending out checks in the amount of one penny!

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,



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