My Year of Therapy.

Life is weird.  Sometimes, almost too weird.

Last week, as I was helping my son find a book to read from his personal library, I noticed something out of the ordinary.  An adult fiction novel.  Confused, I picked up the book, looked at the description on the back and became quite intrigued by this little story.

Neither my husband, nor I, could remember ever purchasing the title; but the price tag from the bookstore we frequent was in plain sight.  Sometime ago, we bought it.  Apparently, we had lost it.  And, now we found it.

Coincidentally, the book is called Lost & Found.

While I was pretty underwhelmed with the actual story between the covers, at the end of the book, the author (Brooke Davis), includes an article written by herself, which she named Relearning the World.  Had it not been for the title, I probably would have closed the book and went on with my disappointed self for spending the week reading a sub-par novel.  (Life is too short to read bad literature!)  Surprisingly, the article was an insightful and enjoyable read, and just what I was looking for the whole time.


In particular, these words reached out and gave me a hug –

Louise DeSalvo says, “[Virginia] Woolf needed an audience to listen to the testimony she made about her life, to witness and validate the meaning she had made of her experience, to let her know that she was not alone.  Only with an audience, Woolf believed, can we transcend the limits of the self, can we understand our life’s true meaning.  As Maya Angelou has said, though writing, the “I” becomes “we.”

The name of Louise DeSalvo was not a familiar name to me.  Thankfully, Google and Wikipedia are never too far from my reach.  I learned that the woman that inspired and validated my year of devoting myself to writing was not only a writer herself, but a teacher, creative specialist, and author of the book, Writing as a Way of Healing.

Brilliant, I thought.  And, timely.

How different would the journey of this year be for us had I not originally read the book of Lost & Found, to then discover the book that I needed to read next?

If there is anything that I’ve learned so far in the last two weeks, it’s that when I’m really opening my eyes and looking for ‘signs,’ they are always there.  How I’ve lived so much of my, over 35, life without paying such close attention is astounding.  I truly thought I was aware of my surroundings, living in the reality of my being.  In just the few sentences from the quote above, I was taught a valuable lesson.

This year is not only going to be a year of therapy for me, but it’s going to be a year of learning.  Learning and seeing the world with unconventional eyes, hearing the words and sounds of others with untrained ears, and embracing the world around me with unspoiled hands.

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,



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