Losing my Memory.

Something happened this morning.  It might not seem like a big deal to anyone but myself, but it is something I didn’t think would happen.  At least not for a very long time.

Because of it, though, I was sent into a whirlwind of thoughts about how my life is changing.  This moment of transition raised itself to a different level this morning.

I lost my memory.  Or, to be specific, a memory.

It sounds quite serious, but, actually, I think it was a good thing.  A positive thing, even.  It made me realize something important.

I’m blossoming.

It also made me realize something else.  The fight is over.  The habit & struggle is no longer an issue, because, by golly, it has just become my way of life.

This is probably confusing you, am I right?

Well, the memory I lost is…my credit card number.

Ba duh ding.

The simple life that I’ve been seeking for five years now has become a reality.  Sitting at the computer this morning, ordering my second round of groceries to be delivered (YAY), I realized I no longer had my card number memorized.  I thought to myself, ‘wow, when did that happen?’  

Short answer – when I became grateful, content and comfortable with what I already had.

Long answer – After the frustration of feeling claustrophobic in my home, and tired of spending money on a bunch of hoo-ha that I threw away or donated just a few months later, I started making changes.  Small changes, that add up over time.  First, it was taking control of impulse buys.  Then, it was changing how we celebrated birthdays and Christmas morning.  The house clutter started to get better, but I still wasn’t able to breathe.  That’s when I went all bat crazy and started a schedule to reduce clutter, junk and donations on a regular basis – every 4 months.  The tightness in my chest got better.  And, then, life happened.

So inconvenient, right?

Well, my husband went for a year-long unaccompanied tour to Pakistan.  Me?  Oh, me and the kids went to the beach.  Heck yeah, we did.  You know I’m going to make the best of a bad situation!  And, just what do you think happened during that time.  ALL our stuff (minus our suitcases) was put into storage in Europe while he learned language for his tour (year one), during his tour (year two), and during language for his following tour (year three).

Yep.  I didn’t see any of my stuff for 3+ years.


When it all arrived, I hyperventilated.  Seriously.  And, our European flat couldn’t handle all the boxes.  It was a disaster.  And, a blessing in disguise.

I was able to look at every single item in our possession, touch it, and realize it didn’t mean anything to me anymore.  Or, I could look at it, touch it, and realize – this piece, this piece right here, makes us happy.  It brings us good memories.  And, so it stayed.  Everything else, like three SUV sized loads full, all went straight to the recycling center, or a donation center.

Which we had to pay to dispose.

Yes, this morning was a huge relief.  I had to dig through my purse, find my wallet, pull out my bank card and slowly add in the numbers.

Relaxing breath…awhhh…

Until tomorrow –

Simply live,




P.S. – If you don’t want to wait five years to breathe again, I recommend you read this book today and get started changing your life, too.  I’ve read it, enjoyed it, and definitely wished it was around when I started my journey to live simply years ago.


8 thoughts on “Losing my Memory.

  1. Elizabeth Book says:

    I understand completely. I lost everything, material that is, in two hurricanes. I had some clothes and some pictures. I remember feeling thecoddest feeling of complete liberation. From stuff. It was exhilarating. Don’t tell this a lot. Wasn’t sure people would understand. Thanks for your blog.


    1. thedailytrance says:

      Glad to have you here Elizabeth; that you’ve found a place to relate. Sorry you had to experience the devastation of two hurricanes, but it sounds like it, too, was a blessing in disguise. A chance to start over, and to fill your life and home with items that bring you joy and uplift you as you walk from room to room. Don’t be ashamed of that – wear it proudly on your face!


  2. JDyer says:

    Yes – we have been on similar journeys the past year. We were raised to collect, consume and not to ever get rid of anything. We are now recovered junkaholics. Well you more than me. I am working on clearing out a warehouse of work related clutter but in life at home – I’m living simply more every day. I love you and I love your new blog. Each morning it gives me a chance to connect with you.
    This amazing beautiful woman that is my baby sister. Love you Always!


    1. thedailytrance says:

      Stop, you are making me blush! I should mark your account as spam! Ha ha! Just kidding. Love you sis and love that you are here with me able to relate to one another across the ocean. It has been a big lesson for us to learn, that is for sure; but, it is great that we have found a way to make our home a sanctuary and a place that uplifts and fosters joy!


  3. Sandra Birge says:

    Sweet Carla,
    I finished this book just about a month ago. One of the audio books I’ve listened to during my ride to and from work, more than a few times.
    Life is never what you expect it to be. “Happily Ever Afters” sometimes are not.
    Life does go on … I’ve found what’s important I can hold in my heart, my arms and in the precious memories I bring back to relive again.

    I think you were destined to be a writer before you were born.

    Love to you and your Family
    Aunt Sandy


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