I’ve got nothing. And, it’s great!

We were one of the last to put our Christmas tree on the curb over the weekend.  We waited until the absolute last possible minute to take it down.  It was so dried out, the branches snapped into pieces with every movement.

We left a nice giant mess on the building hallway stairs.

And, we left a big giant gap in our living room’s bay window.  Other than the drapes casually hanging in place, there was nothing.  Just an empty space waiting to be filled.


That word made me think, ‘Why are we afraid of nothing?’  When we see an abandoned house, we cross the street and steer clear of it it’s nothingness.  Nothing can be creepy.  We don’t like the idea of having nothing in our bank accounts.  Or, what about the simple fear of having nothing to wear?   Maybe you can relate to the stress and rush of running to the grocery store at the possibility of having nothing in your cabinets/refrigerators to eat.  This weekend was no different.  As soon as the tree was taken to the curb, our hearts felt as empty as the space and we just didn’t like the idea of  waiting to fill the void again.


The void of something.

Nothing is impossible.

Something is possible.

The empty space has possibility.

Fill the void and empty spaces of life with possibility.


Until tomorrow –

Cheers & Champagne, 




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