When a Hamster becomes your teacher.

My parents brought home a wonderful boxer dog when I was a teenager.  He was the best pal.  I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.  I can still picture his excitement and enthusiasm every time I walked through the door.  Instant smile and mood lifter.

Well, my kids have been BEGGING for a dog for as long as I can remember.

I’d love to get a dog.  Honestly, I would.  But,…

I have my reasons.  Enough said.

So, we’ve been discussing other pet options for the last few months.  And, we all agreed that a furry little hamster would be a great pal to have around the flat.  That’s when my husband decided to throw me under the bus and make me responsible for finding one.  Um…did you forget I only know three German words?!  Moin (local Hamburg slang for hi), Danke, and Nein.   Oh, wait, I know four – Ja!

But, I’m taking this change theme seriously and looking for signs/symbols in my ‘Daily Trance’ to help guide me through the year.  You know, just for fun, ‘cuz I’m that kind of girl!  (Sarcasm overflow here.)

Well, luck would have it that one of my English speaking friends invited me to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant this week.  I was really hoping to make it, but the torrential downpour slowed down my errand running.  I ended up not even eating lunch until 2pm.  But, that’s not important.  What IS important, is when I looked up the restaurant on Google Maps to find the quickest route from my house, I allowed myself time to search the surrounding area for anything interesting. (Just in case I wanted to hang around a bit and experience something else new – for inspirational purposes, of course!)

While looking over other shops in the area, I came across a Zoo.  I thought, ‘what?  we have a zoo in our neighborhood?!  A-w-e-s-o-m-e.’  So, I clicked on the link, used my Google translate app and found out it was a pet store with exotic birds, snakes, fish and HAMSTERS.

SCORE!  Momma came through, just because she paid attention!  (Lesson number one, folks, don’t miss that.)

Now, I would like to introduce you to our newest member of the family….Hammy Duncan.  Not sure why she isn’t a Gray, like the rest of us…but, whatever.  I guess she’s my step-pet?!  I don’t know.


Isn’t she adorable?


Oh, just kidding.  That’s not mine.

Hammy is really adorable.  She’s one of those dwarf hamsters.  AND – We love her.  She brought a million smiles into our home yesterday and a few laughs as well.  It was so cute to watch her in her new environment.  She was very cautious at first, then very excited.  Typical, she only wanted to run on her wheelie though.  Then, she got scared and hid in her house for a long time.  (I lifted the house to find her trembling at one point.)

Poor girl.

After a few hours, we noticed she hadn’t figured out how to walk up the ramp to get to her food, water and toilet.  So, we tried to help her out.  She was weary of the ramp, and half-way up, she turned around and soldier-crawled back down.  While we thought it was hilarious, she was not very happy with us!

Finally, after a long day, she figured it out.  She took control over her domain and ran around in circles (literally), non-stop, forever.  My daughter was like a little mom excited over her newborn – she ran around telling us all when Hammy had her first bite, her first successful climb, and even her first poo.


I can sleep now.

Oh, but I learned a lot from little Hammy today.  She’s only five weeks old and got the hang of her new life in a single day.  She was brought into a different tank, full of new surroundings, a few surprises and she survived – with a little help. (Lesson Two, friends!)

It kind of inspired me.  To the core.  I thought, wow.  I can totally relate to this little burrower.

But, you should have seen the stress on my daughter’s face ALL DAY.  She was not patient with Hammy.  She wanted her to know what to do right away.  When Hammy was trembling, my daughter thought she was choking and ran to get Dad to help do the Heimlech.  She was on stand by all day ready to rescue Hammy from any and all danger.  And, also to nag her to death about not making it up the ramp in the time wanted. (Priorities, Hammy!)

So, I ask you, my friends, to NOT be like my daughter, PLEASE!!!  Just sit back, enjoy watching me learn, gain my footing and find my voice.  We have ALL YEAR for me to make it up the ramp!  (Lesson Three – patience is a virtue.)


Feel free to laugh as I soldier crawl across the floor looking for safety.



Until tomorrow –

Cheers & Champagne, 






2 thoughts on “When a Hamster becomes your teacher.

  1. Mary says:

    Cute post! I enjoyed reading about this new member of the family and visualizing Anna standing guard over her! And the fun this furry little, insecure at the moment, critter brought into your life on day one!


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