The Year I Met You

Fate was on my side this week.  After I dropped my daughter at dance class, I walked down the street to my local bookstore.  They always have a nice little English section I find captivating.  While in the midst of five other books, I can’t help but wonder what else is out there ready for me to discover.

Thankfully, Wednesday, I followed my curiosity.  It led me straight to the book, The Year I Met You, by Cecelia Ahern.  Not only did I feel like the book was written just for me, at this moment, but I couldn’t put it down and tried to stay up all night long finish it.  (I got really close.)

If you haven’t read the book, and think you might want to, please do not read any further, as a spoiler may be below –

As mentioned, there were several parts of the book I could totally relate.  But, it wasn’t until I reached the end and read these words when it really ‘spoke’ to me.

“The world is fascinated by instant transformations, human makeovers or a magician’s sleight of hand hidden with a flourish.  Quick as a snap, from there to here, blink and we’ve missed it.  My shift wasn’t instant, and often the slow pace of change can be painful, lonely and confusing, but without us realising it happening, it happens.  We look back and think ‘Who was that person?’ when during all we think, ‘Who am I becoming?'”


2 thoughts on “The Year I Met You

  1. sgerock says:

    I’m really curious to read this book now! I wish we had formally met “in person” when you were in Alexandria and that I known it was “you” when you stopped in my store. I’ve loved getting to know your via FB, Twitter, and Instagram.


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