My sister posted her word for the year – FUTURE – on her Facebook page this morning.  You are probably familiar with those little quizzes that go around the web like crazy.  It was through the website – check it out here – NameTests – What is Your Word for the Year?.  It’s a simple test, just type in your name and WHAM, it generates your word.

Of course, I had to do this.  Words are obviously my life this year.  Oh, would word be my word?!  Clearly, I was getting way too excited!  Thankfully, I only waited about three seconds and then I had it – my word for 2016………… none other than…………CHANGE.

Blank stare.

Wow.  It’s like my name holds my destiny.


The year 2016 is definitely about change.

(Are you ready for what I have planned?)

I let that word – CHANGE – sink into my psyche for a few minutes.

That’s when I realized in a single day, I reinvented myself.  I changed all my online profiles from The Gift Curator to freelance writer at The Daily Trance.  And, I wasn’t emotional at all.

Hmm…should I be worried?

Nah, I’m just excited about what this CHANGE is going to bring.  I hope the dark cloud that has been hovering over me since the second 1/2 of 2015 will dissipate and I can find my happy place once again.

Now, if I could just find a little loose change so I can go have my daily shot of espresso….

See you tomorrow!


Cheers & Champagne,



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